Dwayne R Monroe

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About Me

Here we begin the obligatory capsule bio…

I’m Dwayne Monroe, a technologist by trade with almost 30 years of experience in what is vaingloriously called ‘enterprise IT’‘. This work, still ongoing in the ‘cloud’ era, has provided me with the opportunity to architect and deploy large-scale projects for multinationals based in both North America and Europe (where I now live). I’ve learned quite a bit and try to spread those learnings as much as I can while continuing to, well, learn from others.

My interests include cybernetics, cloud (focused on the Azure platform) and enterprise data center architecture, , the growing FinOps practice area and also, more broadly, analysis of the tech industry generally and ‘AI’ industry specifically as a hype vector. Oh and I’m also an enthusiastic fan of the film noir cinema movement of the 1940s and 50s.

By the way, I am on Twitter as @cloudquistador and have been for several years but in the wake of the EM takeover and ensuing chaos, including the firing of key personnel in security and operations, I decided to build a presence on Mastodon. So whenever you see the old Twitter handle, also keep in mind @dwaynemonroe@mastodon.online I’m also on Bluesky where my handle is: @cloudquistador.bsky.social

Websites and Projects

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Here are my websites:

Linkedin - because, of course

Azure FinOps - a blog about the FinOps practice, as applied to the Azure platform

Computational Impacts - a blog about the political economy of the tech industry - grounded analysis without hype

Film Conversations - a project in which, I chat with friends about the movies we love in detail

Film Conversations Podcast On Spotify

I’m on Mastodon at: https://mastodon.online/@dwaynemonroe

I’m also on Bluesky

Some Articles I’ve Written for Publication:

The Real Reason to Be Nervous About AI - for the Nation in the US)

Seeding the Cloud - for Logic Magazine

Fordism Comes to the Gallery - on AI art for the Nation

Silicon Landlords: On the Narrowing of AI’s Horizon - for the Nation in the US)

My book on Azure Cost Management

Here’s the book I wrote a few years ago (in need of a bit of updating) about how to use the Azure portal’s built-in cost management tool to track your costs on that platform

A Few Podcast Appearances

I’ve had the good fortune to have been interviewed on a few podcasts:

Behind the News - about ChatGPT

Tech Won’t Save Us - about cloud

Day Two Cloud - should cloud be a public utility?

Screaming in the Cloud - about Azure

99 ZU EINS - on tech industry hype

Rendering Unconscious - on AI hype

Rendering Unconscious - with Dr. Isabel Millar on AI Doomerism